10 Things No One Tells You About Your Twenties

I feel like I’ve been away from this blog too long but it was only Sunday that I last posted so that’s not too bad right? Life’s been a bit manic with a few late nights and work being full on but hey I’ve survived the week so all is good. It’s been exciting too. My contract at work has been extended until the end of March so that was nice, I had an interview and visited Pitman training Centre to discuss enrolling onto a marketing diploma. I’m actually doing something for myself for once and feel all kick ass career girl, ready to take over the world.

So I’m going to try and channel those vibes into this post and tell you those pesky things that happen in your twenties.

  1. You’ll still get asked for ID

You were sure that once 18 had passed, that no one would even think of asking for ID. Turns out they do but you feel all triumphant when you don’t get asked.

2.  You still won’t know what to do with your life (or how to get there.)

Once your school days are behind you, you are kind of left to just get on with life. There isn’t actually much guidance out there for such a competitive world. Lots of us just bob along for a while with our mediocre jobs that pay the bills but don’t really fulfil our passion. Lots of people go to Uni because it’s the ‘done’ thing and leave still feeling lost. Your twenties are about figuring out how your life will pan out though so it’s okay to feel as if nothing is going quite to plan. It will all work out, just venture into things that you might be interested in and it will lead you in directions you never thought you would take.

3. Things will go wrong with your car and you will have no idea how to fix them meaning you fork out hundreds of pounds to fix it.

Now you can drive, you have loads of independence which is great but buying a slightly cheaper car second hand means things are more likely to go wrong and when they do, you have no idea what to do. Cars are expensive from their MOT to their insurance, every bit makes a dent in your bank account. A faulty clutch can be £900 to replace! Yep, you heard me right, let’s just go cry in a corner and hope it all goes away.

4. You eat whatever you want whenever you want because no one tells you not to.

Ah the joys of not always having set meal times with your parents anymore. ‘You treat this place like a hotel’ is a common phrase overheard in the Carter household but meh, do you care? Not particularly. One night might be takeaway, another you’re off to the gym so you only had time for something quick (which turned into cheese on toast) then your friends invite you out for dinner the night after so you can’t really decline that offer.

5. Your phone bill is your biggest outgoing each month.

Just like cars, you never realised how much your phone bill would be, especially with all that data you’re using.

6. You spend waay too much money on clothes and food.

Oh life. Why is food so expensive and why can’t I just find the time to make it at home and not buy lunch? Because sandwiches are icky that’s why. I have an obsession with clothes as well. My wardrobe is overflowing but I JUST CAN’T STOP. Send help.

7. You will leave a lot of people behind.

I’m lucky to still have a decent size friendship group but there are people I have left behind who I wish were still in my life and others who I wasn’t so close with and we drifted apart naturally. (Wow, I’m feeling so polite!) It’s okay to feel that some friends aren’t really your friends anymore. Chances are, they might feel the same. In your twenties, your life begins to get hectic and with hectic comes responsibility for stuff so don’t feel bad for growing apart.

8. You will make stupid decisions (about everything.)

Everyone makes mistakes blah blah blaaah. We know yeah, but sometimes you will regret the choices you made. It doesn’t matter. This could be anything from jobs, boys, friends, home life or even something you did on social media. The point is, you own your mistakes and you will make better decisions about your life in your twenties. Well you try to anyway.

9. Relationships become a big part of your life.

The one thing you should try hardest to maintain is your relationships with the people in your life. Don’t be a people pleaser because you’re trying too hard but do make time for the people who are most important to you. Also give people a chance or even a second one. You’d want them to do the same for you.

10. Life sometimes feels like you’re in limbo with no idea what’s going on but other times it feels like the most treasured gift in the world.

Everyone feels like they’re bumbling through life at times. (No one really knows how to do their tax returns or set up a pension plan.) Life is about supporting each other and getting the most out of it you can because well going on holiday each year is pretty peachy.

What do you love/ hate about your twenties?


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  1. Naomi Edge
    31/01/17 / 5:10 pm

    I can defintley relate to the ID point, i had a phase when whenever I went out with friends I would never get asked for ID! theres nothing better than that smug feeling 🙂

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