10 Ideas For Dating On A Budget

Wow it’s been such a good week and it’s only Wednesday! I found out I got the job I interviewed for last week and could not be happier. It looks like a great role and is a lot more money than I’m on now which is always a plus. It is further to travel but I think it’s going to be something I enjoy so that wins over for me.

I thought of this post on a whim. I was thinking about what I’d like to know if I was dating and everyone loves to save money right? Dates can be quite expensive from meals out to adventure days so how do you keep the costs low?

  1. Use vouchers

I know you may think this looks really cheap if you whip out your 20% off each time you go out for a meal but it’s so worth it. Loads of restaurants offer discounts, whether it’s online, if you sign up to their mailing list or even sneakily saying it’s your birthday (when it obviously isn’t.) One of the best places for this is Prezzo. Perfect place for a date, loads of offers if you sign up to their mailing list oh and free bottle of Prosecco on your birthday!

2. Go out on a week night

Have you noticed how some places seem to be more expensive at the weekend? That’s because they are. Some restaurants will increase prices due to the increase of customers at the weekend. The same goes for cinemas (for Saturday night showings) and activity centres. Going out during the week is a lot cheaper and will give you something to look forward to.

3. Go all out once a month

If you’ve been dating for a while and are now an official couple (exciting!) then you could have a set date night once a month. Plan what you will do in advance (which in itself is cheaper) and arrange something fun to do which could be slightly more expensive as you’re only treating yourselves once that month.

4. Netflix

The cinema is getting incredibly expensive. I paid £11 to see the new Avengers film in 3D last year. £11! Whereas, you can sign up to Netflix for £6 a month. That’s half the price of a cinema ticket for a whole month; crazy! It isn’t technically going out but you’re still doing the same as you would on a date to the cinema. Also, there are lots of good series on Netflix (so I hear) such as the OA, Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black.

5. Cook a meal for each other

Cheaper than buying a meal and you know exactly what’s going in it. Pop down your local Morrisons and bag some bargain ingredients to cook up a storm. Easy meals to cook are: lasagna, stir fry and enchiladas.

6. Sightseeing

Whether this is out of town or in your own, sightseeing is a free, easy date. It’s fun, you see a new place, you can take pictures and share the experience together. What could be better than that? London is perfect for this.

7. Science and History Museum

The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in London are both free and well worth a visit. There’s loads of interactive stuff and the exhibitions are really interesting. A great day out for everyone.

8. Sports

Try something new together, whether it be badminton (courts are cheap to rent out) , cycling or rollerblading (providing you have your own.) It’s a great way to get to know each other and have a laugh. My boyfriend and I go to the gym together and it’s great to be able to motivate each other and then go and do our on thing.

9. Mini Golf

I love mini golf. It’s easy, fun and pretty cheap. There’s now glow in the dark mini golf which is even cooler. Try Globalls in Brighton Marina.

10. Watching fireworks

Watching the sunset and stargazing is a cheap, romantic date but why not make it last even longer by going to see fireworks? Lots of chances to cuddle because everyone likes to cuddle. Aw.

What do you do to keep your dates cheap?

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  1. Naomi Edge
    31/01/17 / 5:08 pm

    I love this post, what a great list of things to do! Its always a struggle to try and do cheaper things now i find, but I am so with you on the vouchers for food, i do that alot now!

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