Valentines Day: Yay or Nay?

It’s coming up to that time again, the dreaded v day which brings with it a multitude of expectations and feelings. Many dread the day labelling it as ‘marketing crap’, many ignore it and get on with their lives and then there are those of us who love it (*cough* me!) I get why people might hate it; it’s not really the same if you’re single (although you can still enjoy it) and couples should be showing their love for each other all year long anyway.

There are so many bloggers out there doing gift guides and date ideas that I thought do we really need another? I thought I’d pose the question of what people thought of Valentines Day. Do we make too much of a big deal of it or is it nice to have a special day to spend together?

Here’s what you thought…


“Ha. I work in the food industry. It’s definitely a commercialised nightmare!”

“I think it’s a nice idea but definitely leaning more towards marketing crap especially if you’ve been in Tesco lately haha!”

“It depends on the price of things but it’s way over advertised in some places. It’s an easy day to remember.”

“I personally don’t like Valentine’s Day, I think it’s over rated, and all a commercial thing. I don’t like how one day a year you should show your love; it should be every day.”

“Mainly a commercial crappy idea but think it’s nice to have an occasion to go to dinner without feeling guilty/ it makes you find date time which is nice.”

” I like the idea of Valentine’s Day as it’s quite a nice opportunity to show your partner that you care for them, however I think this should be done throughout the year not just for the day. I think it has become a bit too over marketed now as its now about how many roses you get and how many gifts you get given, which may lead to disappointment for some people and/or the opportunity for people to show off what they’ve got and how much better their other half is than others .I think it’s nice to do something for it, like I’ll get my boyfriend a little something and then we may get a takeaway but I think it’s a bit too materialistic for my liking and it’s now become an opportunity for people to post things on social media etc.”

“Nice idea, gives a day for couples to spend together but it is monetised heavily.”

“Both cos it IS heavily marketed crap that isn’t really necessary. If there has been some reason behind it it’s now been phased out by advertising but it’s a nice excuse to do something either with friends or with significant others.”

“Perhaps it started as a nice idea but seems to be more materialistic and contrived nowadays. I myself am not particularly fond of it as I think everyday should be the appreciation of a relationship etc, but I would make time to do things with my girlfriends as she may feel differently. The sentiment is nice, but now with social media etc it becomes more about showing everyone else how great/romantic/extravagant their life with their partner is, rather than cherishing the relationship itself.”


“I’d probably do something nice for it like a meal or something… I doubt I’d spend a fortune though.”

“Yes and no. Set a price, and try and plan my work around it. Its one day a year that can be moved but the feeling that says the same. Maybe a meal, plan an evening to us, with cooking together (m&s meal for 2 which is £10) cheap and cheerful. Or leave it until the weekend and treat each other and spend time together.”

“Yeah I think so. I definitely would do something small like a home cooked meal and a film.”

“Not really no haha. Probably why I’m so negative towards it.”

“Yes of course. We always find the time to, even if it’s not on the correct day! We spend the evening together somehow, share presents and go out for a meal if we both can.”

“Yes, but if it we couldn’t, it wouldn’t be a big issue for me. Umm maybe cook a meal and pudding together, go on a walk.”

“Not this year as my boyfriend’s away but don’t usually do gifts but a day out / dinner yeah. As any excuse.”

“Not at all, or at least only to the end that I would try to make a point of seeing that person.”


“Usually I’m working and am far too busy at work to really think about that.”

“No not pressure, just a bit sad, haha but as long as you’ve got your single girls around you you’re fine.”

“Yeah I think there can be and you’re made to feel like you’re missing out on something.”

“I used to think so, when I was single!”

“Yes and no. I think the amount of commercialisation could come across as a ‘rub singleness in your face kind of way’ but I think it depends on how an individual feels about being single and v day. If they’re happy single then they don’t have to feel pressurised.”

“Yeah I guess so.”

“I think it kind of highlights the fact that you are single and makes you feel maybe more pressure that you need to be with someone.”

So it seems most of you enjoy the chance to spoil your loved ones but feel that it shouldn’t be restricted to just one day. You feel that too much money is spent and plowed into shops and restaurants who hike up the prices. Some of you feel it’s almost like a competition and there’s a lot of pressure around gifts and ‘who shows the most love’ on social media.

It was really interesting to hear your views and made me think about my expectations of Valentines Day. I don’t expect much but I think researching this post will make me cherish the time we spend together rather than anything I get bought. We never go out for dinner that night anyway and my boyfriend cooking me something each year is much more special than any gift. Aww.

Have a good Valentines Day everyone, whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re with. 🙂


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