Another New Chapter

I’ve been really inspired recently by a blog called Scarphelia. The girl who runs it, Katie, posted her last blog post about 3 weeks ago now. It explained her anger towards the blogging industry and it really made me think about the content I’m putting out there and how much of my life I should really share.

Her posts are incredibly well written and have almost a poetic feel to them so you should check it out. She remained authentic throughout her blog and didn’t turn into a brand pushing, luxury boasting millionaire who rules Twitter and tweets about how great their life is. There are also so many bloggers and entrepreneurs out there writing content on how you should grow your blog that it can be overwhelming so I’m just going to do me.

I may be bringing you a new design within the next few months that’s easier to read and looks better on mobiles. Most of all though, I want to just carry on creating content that I love and hopefully you all love too. Blogging has come so far but it will never take away the fact that personal posts are the most popular. My blog isn’t about fashion, beauty or collaborating with big brands (unless they fit the theme of my blog.) It’s a place for me to pour my heart out and document significant events in my life.

Another new chapter has started in my life. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago. There’s no saying how this journey will go but I’m hoping it will be a long and happy one. I’ll be adding some new content to my careers tab centred on how things progress at this job. Hopefully it’s of use to some of you who are killing it in the careers world.

So what have I been up to recently? February has been a fairly chilled month for me aside from my birthday. That was one hell of a brilliant weekend. The rest have been fairly quiet though. I seem to have spent a lot of money somehow. Mostly on my car since the windscreen cracked. Such fun! I haven’t really got much lined up for next month either. I can’t even remember half of those things I wrote about at the beginning of January. They seem so far away. May is when the fun really starts; Comic-Con and Rome. Time goes quickly though so until then it will be work, work, work, work, work. (you definitely sung that didn’t you?)

Life is just rolling along merrily and I’m another year older. Nothing much has changed from my ripe old age of 21. I still feel a bit like I’m waiting for my life to start. Getting this new job has been great but I want a life to go with it. I don’t want to live at home anymore. Hearing colleagues and even a few friends talk about the home they share with their partner and the weekends they spend looking for bits for the house or hosting dinner parties for friends sounds like a life I’d very much like.

I know it’s not possible yet but wouldn’t it be nice if I looked back on this post a year from now and had actually achieved some of the above? Think of the awesome blog posts I could write about a new flat/house. I could even do a little video tour of it. ‘Top 10 tips to surviving life away from your parents’ could be just one of the blog posts I’d write. Ah, so much inspiration. My friends and I talk about this sort of thing often so I know I’m not alone in this wishful thinking.

I have so many things in life that I want to achieve that I might write a separate post on them but I don’t want it to seem too generic. Like every blogger writes bucket list posts. How many of you would actually be interested in something like that? Would it seem like I’m bragging about my life and some of the opportunities I might get to have? Hmmm…

FYI, going to Thailand is definitely not on my bucket list if that makes you want to read it a little bit more.

Bucket list or no bucket list? Let me know 🙂

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