30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2


DAY 2 – Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

I’m not sure if this statement is prompting you to write about nice things people have said or just plain horrible things. Most of the things I can think of are insults so I’ll write a few things that people have told me about myself. Here goes…

‘Your feet are really small; it looks like you’re walking on pegs!” 

This literally devastated me at the age of 14. I knew I had small feet and spent long hours being dragged round the shops trying to find shoes that fit. I definitely didn’t need to be reminded of this by an ignorant girl in my year.

“That’s what I love about you Kerrie, you’re like a sponge, you soak everything up.

Said to me by an old boss and I’ll never forget how proud I felt. From then on I vowed I would carry on being a ‘sponge’ and learn a little bit about everything.

“Literally so proud of you as a person and who you’ve become. You’re so strong and I look up to you!”

I won’t reveal who said this to me but it was a really nice compliment to get and made me feel like my hard work in getting where I wanted in life was finally paying off.

This was actually quite a hard post to write as I’m not very good at remembering things people have said to me unless it has really stuck like the ones above. I’ve been given a lot of good advice over the years about jobs, relationships and friends. All of it has stuck with me and you learn as you get older that letting things go and focusing on your own life is the best advice you’re going to get.

I suppose that’s not something that someone has told me about myself but for example, I’m always told that I’m shy. To my friends and family and also myself, I am most definitely not shy but I can see why others would say that. I’m wary of new situations and want to make sure I fit in before I become confident there. Fair enough right? It’s something I always remember people telling me and something I’ve just come to accept.

Lastly, I guess I remember being told I was good at making friends at a young age (despite being fairly shy.) I liked being with other children and I think it was my mum who told me I’d always been good at forming friendships with others. Hopefully I still am!

So there’s an overview of things people have told me about myself that have stuck with me through the years. What have people told you about yourself that you distinctly remember?



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