Day 4 & 5 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Yes, I know I’ve failed at the 30 Day Writing Challenge already! I really am a slacker at the weekends for which I won’t apologise. I’ve had a nice weekend filled with so much sleep, a meal with the work lot and watching Logan (which is great btw.) Without further ado here is day 4 & 5 of the challenge…

DAY 4 – Write about someone who inspires you

Is it really bad that I genuinely googled ‘inspiring people’ before attempting to write this post? Probably. I know lots of inspiring people from my friends to members of my family but I couldn’t think of anything that has touched me and inspired me enough to write a whole post on. Thinking about it as I write this, there are actually a few people who I could write about such as bloggers who write content that resonates with me and makes me sigh with relief that I’m not the only one that feels that way.

I could write about Jodi Picoult, who’s books I’ve read all of, where each and every story captivates me from page one. The way she writes is inspiring and she broaches such incredibly delicate subjects such as abortion and race. However, I’m not writing about Jodi Picoult because I wanted to focus on a British inspiration who has inspired so many to write from a young age and has brought magic into the hearts of many. You probably know who I’m talking about. It’s the one and only J.K Rowling.

I’m actually not a massive fan of Harry Potter. I like it as much as the next person but what inspires me the most about J.K Rowling is her resilience and determination to get her books published. She knew her writing was good enough and wasn’t afraid to keep hustling until someone took notice. She was a single mother to a young child, living in a small flat that she was only able to afford due to benefits.

She coped with the death of her mother, a divorce and bringing up a child on her own all whilst trying to pen her novel which was to be the incredible Harry Potter. She is the UK’s best selling author and all of the Harry Potter books were turned into successful films. Rowling has also written 4 other books for adults.

If that’s not success then I don’t know what is. I love that she has worked so hard to get where she is and obviously deserves it. J.K Rowling is renowned for shying away from her fame which makes her all the more likeable and inspiring.

DAY 5 – List 5 places you want to visit 

There are lots more than 5 places that I’d like to visit but if I had to narrow it down, these would be them.

  1. Los Angeles

I’m not entirely sure why (except for a cheeky bit of celeb spotting because if RDJ just happened to be passing, I wouldn’t go all fan girl and jelly legs at all…) But seriously, the beaches look pretty cool and it’s in California where I could take the most beautiful photos. I’ve always heard about the glamour of Hollywood (although I know there’s a lot of homeless folk in LA too.) Strolling down Hollywood Boulevard and watching the sunset over the sea would be a dream. Having been to New York, I would just love to do some of the big cities in America. A road trip is needed really.

2. Croatia

Game of Thrones is filmed in Dubrovnik can I just say which may be a reason why I’d like to visit Croatia but it honestly just looks beautiful. It’s said to be untouched beauty not overrun by tourists which just adds to its appeal. Just think how peaceful it would be! Definitely a holiday for relaxing but I can imagine it would be fairly pricey.

3. Canada

I’ve always wanted to visit Niagara Falls. It’s one of those places that I’d imagine would just take my breath away. I’d also love to take the boat tour round the waterfalls and hear the rushing water from every angle. There are so many beautiful mountains such as the Rockies and huge expanses of lakes. Again, it’s an expensive place to visit but wow, I’d love to go. I think you can probably sense a theme with all of these places I’d like to go. Pricey mc price.

4. Barcelona

Can you believe that I’ve never been to Spain?! Me either. Barcelona looks like a great place to visit from the food to the beaches to the culture. Hopefully this might actually be possible next year with a few friends.

5. New Zealand

I really wish I had the guts to sit on a plane for a whole day but I’m not sure I could physically do it. 8 hours to NY was enough! This place looks absolutely stunning although I’m slightly worried about the bugs. (Is that just Aus or is it New Zealand too?) I can never quite tell. I have heard New Zealand’s landscape is similar to that of the UK but it’s so far away from home and I’ve heard good things about it so you never know.


There were so many more places I could have included here such as Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest and Dublin. All of which I’d like to visit over my life time and hopefully will. Which 5 places would you choose to visit?

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