30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6

Right, I’m back on track and ready to give you something I love; a list! Just before I begin. When thinking about this post, I wasn’t sure if I should make these all romantic ways to win my heart or just ways in general so it’s a mix of both.

DAY 5: Five ways to win my heart

  1. Bring me food

Everyone knows the way to a girls heart is through food. I’m sure my boyfriend would agree with this one. The easiest way to stop the mood is to feed me the food. Haha I’m so funny. Chocolate is always a winner especially if it’s Ferrero Rochers (as they’re my favourite) and I can tell a lot of thought has been put into it.

2. Talk to me about my dog

When I’m just getting to know someone, I love it if they start talking to me about my dog. It may sound a little strange but it makes me happy on cuteness levels and we can compare pictures. (Although I will always win because let’s face it, what’s cuter than a black lab?)

3. Make me something

This may sound a bit sappy to some but my boyfriend made me a wooden heart for Valentines Day with some cute words on the front. He attached red ribbon to the top and it now hangs in my room. I love it so much and cannot think of a better way to my heart.

4. Being supportive of me

There’s nothing better than someone being so obviously proud of you and constantly being your cheerleader. It makes you feel like you could do anything and you’ve always got that support to rely on. Giving that support in return is just as important and being as proud and excited about someone else’s opportunities is just as rewarding.

5. Share the same goals in life

If you want to travel to the same places that I do, will indulge my weird love of ducks, my crazy outlook on life and grow older but not really grow old then that is most definitely the way to my heart!

Come back tomorrow for 10 songs that I’m loving.

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