30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 8

I’m quite enjoying this 30 day challenge. I did think I’d have given up by now and gone back to my usual content but I like the prompts and I’ve been getting more traffic which is great motivation to give you more of what you love. Here’s day 8:

DAY 8 – Share something you struggle with

I thought about a few answers before I decided on the topic for this question. I’ve struggled with many a things in life from Maths, socialising, confidence, letting things go and even just getting up in the morning! However, I’ve never really addressed the fact that I struggle quite a lot with asking for help when I need it. This seems to go hand in hand with the fact that I don’t let many people get extremely close to me. I don’t know why. I like you all lots but I’m not very good at expressing my feelings which leads to me barely ever asking for help.

I’m quite a stubborn person and like to figure things out on my own as I don’t like to be seen as weak or not listening (which is sometimes the case!) I’d rather give things a go on my own even if that means not being completely clear on how to do it. I don’t like doing things wrong but I also don’t like asking for help.

I’m getting better at it for sure. I definitely ask more in a work environment but on a personal level, I prefer to just work things out by myself. I’ve always thought I should be able to handle my own emotions and know the triggers for when I’m feeling sad. The thing is, you shouldn’t have to suffer alone but I know there’s a fine line between asking for help and almost blaming your emotions on someone else and I don’t want to be that girl.

When I went through a time of grieving, I did ask for a lot of help. Not in the first couple of weeks maybe but within that year, I talked to a lot of people about how I was feeling and what had happened so I could come to terms with it. So maybe I am getting better at asking for help.

Support for many things in life is talked about so much more now especially on social media and through blogging which is great. For example, mental health, bullying, domestic abuse and grief. People are now sharing their experiences and knowing it’s okay to ask for help and seek relief in others knowing how they feel.

There are still lots of people who don’t ask for help though and there are still times that I will suffer through a situation because I’m not really sure how to handle it. Speak up if you’re feeling unsure about something. People won’t cover everything you need to know and will probably welcome any questions (no matter how silly you think they are!)

I went to Uni and hated it for a while. I didn’t let anyone know until probably later that I should have which wasted a lot of money and time. If I’d have asked for help, I’d have been out of there quicker and on my way to a job quicker but we learn from these experiences and I’m glad I did go.

What I’m trying to say is, I did struggle with asking for help and sometimes I still do. Don’t be ashamed, ask!

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