30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 16

I decided not to do day 15 of the writing challenge as it was bullet point your day and I thought that might be a bit boring for you all. It would basically be meetings and writing articles at work then me chilling at home. Interesting? Not so much. So here’s day 16 instead…

DAY 16- Something that you miss

This is more someone than something but I miss my mum. I don’t miss much in my life but this is something I most definitely miss the most. I miss the easy way we could just chat for hours about boys, friends, work and everything in between. I miss seeing her when I come in from work each day. I miss having a shoulder to cry on. I miss the support of having someone say I can do it. I miss celebrating her birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas because it’s just not the same without her. I miss being able to talk about my mum in the first person. I miss having to set a place at the table for her.

Missing someone isn’t quite the same as grief. It’s less severe. You can miss someone and know they may come back into your life again but with grief, you won’t see them again. I miss her voice which I feel like I’m slowly forgetting. I miss her mannerisms which I know I’ve picked up lots of. I miss her singing to Take That and it pains me to listen to them now. I miss the stories she used to tell me about work. I miss the good times and even the bad times; the arguments and threats to move out which I ended up apologising for.

Luckily I’ve got my dad so I can still chat to someone about my day and have someone there for me but it never takes away the fact of missing someone. Occasionally it hits you that you wish you could have told your mum about something great that happened to you like when I got my new job but then you remember and the grief starts all over again. Bad times seem even worse without that support but you adapt to life without them and that’s just how life is now.

You may only miss certain things about a person but when you miss the whole person, there’s no escaping the impact they had on your life and only you will know exactly how much they meant to you. So if you’re missing someone as much as I do, know you’re not alone. Don’t let it anger you into thinking the whole world is unfair and that everyone in life doesn’t understand because they’d probably like to. Embrace your life in the present and always remember that person you miss.

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