30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 17

no_171_mind_games_by_derekdavalos-d74wzx8Hello all, I really hope the subject of this post is interesting for you as I know not everyone believes in what zodiac signs represent. However, I was scarily impressed at how well mine matched up with my personality. Here’s day 17…

DAY 17 – Post about your zodiac sign and whether or not it fits you

First things first, my star sign is Aquarius. The water sign. I’ve bullet pointed some traits that I think fit perfectly with my personality and explained why.

  1. Creativeness

Unless I’m ridiculously tired (which is becoming most of the time recently) I like to think I’m a creative person. I’ve always enjoyed writing and loved making up stories from a young age whether that was to scare my cousins with ghost stories or for a school project. I’ve always wanted to work in marketing too which is a creative industry and get to dabble with a few marketing bits in my job now.

2. Truthful

There’s nothing I hate more than a liar. I will always be truthful to people about my actions and owning your mistakes is a must. I’ll be truthful about what I think of people and most of all truthful about my feelings. I’m not one of those girls that goes ‘I’m fine’ when I’m not because what is the point? People aren’t mind readers and it’s stupid to do it for attention.

3. Can be unemotional

Oh how well this describes me. Unfortunately, I’m not particularly romantic, I shy away from PDA and I’m not very good at showing people how much I love them. It takes me a while to get close to someone and even then I don’t feel the need to be overly emotional about it. One website quotes: ‘they call it like the see it and do not let emotions cloud their judgement.’ ME!

4. Stubbornness

I am so stubborn! I have a bit of a need to be right all the time and hate myself if I get something wrong. I like to do things my way even if that’s not the way I’ve been shown because well, it’s easier my way.

5. Intelligent

I’m not Albert Einstein or anything but I know a little about a lot and feel like I’ve done quite a lot in my 22 years of life giving me a fair amount of knowledge. I’m incredibly passionate about my job and throw myself into new opportunities so I can grow my knowledge.


Apparently this is what it’s like to date an Aquarius woman:

“The Aquarius woman is the ultimate independent woman. She is funny, smart, adventurous, never clingy or jealous, never demanding and not overly emotional. She is unpredictable and craves excitement. Anything goes with this woman and any man that she chooses will have an amazing relationship.”

I can be a bit clingy and jealous but that’s because I’m stubborn 😉 I’m only clingy because I don’t like being on my own haha.

So there you have it, a few personality traits of an Aquarius. Does your star sign fit your personality?


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