30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 19

DAY 19 – Discuss your first love

Wow, this is going to be a slightly tricky one. My first love probably wasn’t my first boyfriend as we didn’t actually tell each other we loved each other and didn’t go out for long. The first person I loved was a guy I met at Uni. I was young, impressionable and not really looking for anything serious. I hadn’t actually been out of a relationship long but Uni is about experimenting and even though the relationship didn’t exactly end well, I’m grateful for the good times we had together.

It wasn’t the most romantic of get togethers. It was in a club. (Everyone’s probably going to stop reading at this point!) He bought me a drink and the rest is history so they say. I’d never thought about this guy as anything more than a friend but I took a chance and he made me feel slightly less alone at Uni.

I was the first one to say I love you. Looking back, I probably didn’t even really know what love was. He did say it back but I remember being so desperately clingy, it’s embarrassing. We had nothing in common I think it’s fair to say and sometimes conversation was actually a little forced. The relationship was based on banter that completely crushed my self esteem.

He bought me a bracelet which I adored and wore everywhere until I broke it; typical Kerrie! We went out for around 10 months and I thought it was love. I learnt a lot from that experience and am now in a different relationship which is filled with much more of an adult type of love, not the teenage type of lust I used to feel. That probably makes no sense! Maybe a better way of putting it is, the love I feel now is a lot different to the way I’ve loved in the past.

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