30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 21

I decided Day 20 – 3 celebrity crushes, wasn’t worth doing because I only really have one and you all know it’s RDJ. So Day 21 is what three lessons do you want your children to learn from you. When I have children, these are the few lessons I’d like them to learn.

  1. To be grateful

In a world where we thrive on having the latest gadgets and going on lavish holidays, I think it’s important to accept what we do have in life. Children shouldn’t be spoilt to extremes with iPhones and designer clothes. Of course, it’s nice to spoil your children and let them have a new toy but I want my children to realise they’re lucky to have these things, that not all children will get this and to say thank you for what they do get.

2. Everyone is different

As a child, it can be hard to keep your mouth shut. You say what you think and don’t have to deal with the consequences because you’re only young but what if we could teach our children that everyone is different? Some children might have to be in a wheelchair, some children are short, some have ginger hair, some wear glasses, some are bigger than others. I appreciate this is hard for children to accept but as soon as they start developing their own opinions, they should be told to treat everyone equally no matter how different they are to themselves.

3. Be yourself

Don’t do what everyone else is doing, be yourself. It’s hard to not be influenced by your friends at a young age but by just being natural, you’re more likely to find your identity quicker which is what your teenage years are for. People will like you more if you’re not putting on an act and it’s hard to keep up anyway. I’d always teach my children to be kind, helpful and to try their best. Those should be natural instincts of self.

What would you teach your children?

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