Why Being the Youngest in the Office is a Good Thing

This is something I think about often; the fact that offices are dominated by men and women twice my age but no one of my own age. Sure, there are some young people but they are stillĀ around five years older than me. Where are the other 22 year olds trying to make it in the world? When I worked at my local leisure centre and in retail, there were loads of young people but it seems office work is still an older person’s environment. There are advantages of being the youngest though.

  1. You understand the changing world of technology

Many of your colleagues will think that you probably live on social media, therefore can sort out campaigns and any negative comments that come with it. The truth is, social media wasn’t even a thing until I was about 14/15. Us ‘millennials’ did grow up with social media and the internet but that’s not to say we know everything about it. I was born in the 90s and remember the whole dial up internet which took about two hours to load one thing. Your mum would yell ‘don’t make any calls on the home phone!’ otherwise you were back to square one. I also remember a world without the internet and it was a much less critical place to be.

However, us young lot take to a computer like a fish to water. I know exactly how to use outlook, word, excel, all the social media channels and the internet for research. Someone twice my age might struggle. Everything is going online now and that scares people. Not me though, I’ve learn’t to change with it.

2. You will learn a lot

It may be scary working in a world full of people who know what they’re doing and have been doing it for years but you will learn so much from watching others. Your colleagues will train you (hopefully) and you will start to feel a part of that world. You will be learning all the time and might get the chance to train someone else or even take over someone’s job.

3. People will take pity on you

Not so much anymore, but when I first started making my way into the world of work, colleagues would say: ‘oh she’s only young, we’ll do that.’ People will be nicer to you just because you’re younger. However, it can go both ways and because you’re younger, employers may take advantage and have you doing more hours than you’re supposed to or tasks you’re not trained for. Don’t accept this, speak out.

4. You have more energy and motivation

I’m not saying that your colleagues have no motivation for their jobs because a lot of people work hard for a living but the younger you are the more energy you can pour into a job. Despite some people’s beliefs, the younger generation do want to work and have a lot of motivation to give; they just need to be given the chance. Working hard pays off.

Maybe being the youngest isn’t the worst after all.

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