If I’m Being Honest


‘You get straight to the point when you give me advice nowadays, you’re always honest.’ A friend told me this recently and it got me thinking about how I’ve become more comfortable telling people exactly what I think as opposed to just agreeing with what they say. This was after a few drinks so you could say I was influenced by alcohol to speak my mind. That probably helped fuel my freedom of speech but I think it’s more than that.

It boils down to two things. I’ve become more comfortable with who I am and I’m not afraid of what people think. I used to be a push over and never spoke up when I felt something wasn’t right. I’ve learnt that maybe people will value my opinion and that they might actually take something from what I say, I’ve just got to believe they will.

I like to give people advice they can actually use. There’s no point in just being nice so as to not hurt someone’s feelings. I know there’s obviously a line between constructive advice and just being plain mean but as long as you know the boundaries or how that particular person will react to your advice then just go for it.

Being honest got me the job I have today. It’s a good job and the money isn’t bad either. I was honest in the interview. I didn’t pretend to be someone I’m not and I didn’t hold back on what I thought. I’m also honest at work. I don’t shy away as much from conversations with others. I give my opinion and listen to others.

That’s why I love writing. Writing allows me to express exactly what I think without caring what other people may think. Blogging has opened the doors for so many people to do this and inspire others to think and talk about a multitude of issues.

Mental health is a huge topic of debate at the moment. It’s being talked about more in the media and has even been the subject of a campaign led by Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Kate. It’s great that these high profile figures are giving young people the confidence to speak out. I’m not saying I know how to solve mental health problems for others because they are complex and individual to each person but maybe if we were all a bit more honest with each other and most importantly ourselves then I think we’d all be happier.

We’re told if you don’t have the confidence; fake it, but that’s easier said than done. Have the confidence to lead your own life instead of others’. I saw a tweet earlier that went along the lines of ‘ I can’t wait for the day when I feel comfortable enough to be happy about myself and not even care about what others are doing.’ This isn’t how we should be feeling. Life can be shit…for everyone. No one is happy all the time and no one has a seemingly perfect life. The reason we think this is because no one is honest about it. If we were honest about our feelings or honest about anything that goes on in this world then think what a different place the world would be.

I feel a rant coming on here. Sometimes, it feels like the world is built on a foundation of lies that are buried so deep that they get confused with the truth. There is so much hate and complaint. Some of it for good reason, some of it not.

So, if I’m being honest don’t let anyone bring you down. If I’m being honest, live your life the way you want to and don’t ever think you’re a failure because life is a learning curve and if I’m being honest, we’ve all got a lot to learn.

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