A Much Needed Catch Up

Hello fellow readers! I haven’t been giving this blog enough TLC recently so I thought a catch up on the weird and wonderful life of Kerrie was needed. Life has been pretty manic this last week so I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

It was so nice having another four day week wasn’t it? Although I do find I’m trying to pack five days worth of work into four and end up feeling all stressed by Friday. Maybe that’s just me but the bank holiday was needed even though the weather was miserable. I went shopping in Brighton, on my own. It was brilliant. I didn’t feel rushed, I did everything in my own time and went wherever I wanted. I’m not one for doing things on my own but all my friends were busy so I thought why not? I bought a snazzy new pair of heels which make me feel like a princess so there’s that and a few other bits I don’t really need but hey when else can you buy rose gold trainers?

Tuesday and Wednesday, I was in Westminster for a training course which was hands down the best training I’ve ever done. I met a group of really nice people who made networking feel like catching up with old friends. Who else has to network as part of their job? Who else always gets talking to someone who either loves the sound of their own voice or is a bit boring? It’s one extreme to the other but those two days proved that actually networking can be fun and training doesn’t always involve the dreaded PowerPoint.

Thursday meant yet another training course but in Horsham this time. It was on Excel which was slightly dry but helpful. I went with a few of my colleagues which made the day slightly more bearable. I came home and some twit had dented the side of my NEW CAR!!! Not happy but it’s all sorted now. That definitely put a downer on the day especially as I was exhausted by this point.

On Friday, I finally returned to the office and was met with over 50 emails so that was fun! I basically spent most of the day replying to those and stuffing my face as per usual. There was a huge buffet at work for someone’s leaving do and I reckon I won’t have to bring lunch for about a week now. So much food! I’m sad to see this colleague leave though. Having been there nearly three months now, I feel like I’m really getting to know the team and they couldn’t be a nicer bunch of people. I’m enjoying just about every minute of it and I’ve never been so busy at work in my life. There’s always something that I have to write or organise or manage and the more I get to do, the more confident I’m becoming that yeah I can actually do this role that I’d never done before.

Friday unfortunately had a slight downer on it as I found out I’d have to retake a module in the Diploma I’m doing. I was a bit surprised as I found the test easy but I know that I haven’t been dedicating enough time for studying and that is my mission for this month. I’m determined to do well in the next module and prove to myself that having a full time job and studying is possible.

I then went out for dinner with some friends Friday evening. We went to a buffet place in Brighton and it was a much needed catch up for all of us. We’d all had a slightly stressful week in some way and there’s nothing better than getting the reassurance and support from your friends that they’ve been there too.

For the rest of this month, I’m looking forward to a work trip to Manchester where we’re staying overnight, Comic-Con (which I still haven’t got a costume for) and Rome (for which I’m counting down the days!) There’s so much to look forward to and it all seems to fly by so quickly. I honestly cannot believe it’s May already. What are you looking forward to about this month?

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