5 Ways to Make Your Relationship Stronger

Hello fellow readers. It’s struck me that I haven’t done a relationship focused post in a while so I thought I’d do a round up of things that have made my relationship with my boyfriend stronger. I’ve found it’s always the little things in life that pull you closer; the bits in between that you don’t notice until you reminisce. So here it is:

  1. Midnight chats

I’m not talking about staying up all night chatting and waking up feeling enlightened because that only really happens in the movies. What I mean is when the lights go out and you are close to drifting off but one of you decides to just chat about your day and before you know it, deep, dark secrets are being revealed. Family feuds and long forgotten friends, holidays you’ll never forget and grief you wish wouldn’t resurface. It’s all come out in whispers before we drift off and I think that sharing has bought us closer than ever.

2. Double dating

This may sound like a strange one but the first time you go on a really good double date, it instantly makes you appreciate your partner more. It feels so great that you can share your life with another couple who understand, well, what life is like as a couple.

3. Netflix

This had to be on there didn’t it. I had never owned Netflix until about a month ago and I’m just addicted (and also incredibly late to the party!) I’d borrowed someone else’s Netflix before and it’s not like I’d never watched a box set but Netflix just makes it so much easier. It’s the typical couple’s cliche really. The whole ‘don’t watch an episode without me!’ I watched 5 minutes of Breaking Bad without my boyfriend and he freaked. It’s serious stuff. Quite a few of our conversations revolve around Netflix. I’ve just started watching House of Cards too, so good!

4. Adventures

I’m not talking just holidays here; I mean weekends away and walks in the forest, chilling on the beach or city days. There’s nothing like working out how to get somewhere together and enjoying a place as a couple. The teamwork of planning a holiday or weekend away is a sure fire way of bringing you closer together.

5. Talk about the future

…and don’t be afraid to talk about it. If you’re serious about each other (and one would hope you are since you’re in a relationship) talking about the future can be a fun and also a good way of sharing values. It’s exciting to think about a future together and makes plans for your life. This is probably my favourite way of making a relationship stronger. I like talking about moving out, about finding a place that’s ours and making it completely ours, of spending weekends in Ikea jumping on the beds and playing house like in 500 Days of Summer. It’s so easy to play out something like that in your head.

You have the power to make these things happen. Relationships evolve naturally so these things may just happen in their own time but there’s no harm in setting up a double date or revealing your darkest secrets before you drift off.

What has brought you closer together as a couple?

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