Life At My Own Pace

After feeling run down at the end of every single week, I started to wonder whether this was just the norm for me. I have a busy job which I often travel to London for, rush from mine to my boyfriends most evenings, I try to do some form of exercise each week and try to see my friends every weekend. On top of that making time to see my grandparents and study for a diploma (which I have now put on hold for a while because I don’t have time for it.)

It may not sound like a lot to some people who probably pack a lot more into their week than I do but there was a point last month where I just knew I had to cut something out. I was coming home from work tired and then forcing myself to do diploma work or write my blog or go out and by that point I was exhausted. I would fall into bed, get up early, drive an hour to work or commute to London and do it all over again.

So I stopped doing my diploma. It was the one thing I was forcing myself to do. I haven’t stopped altogether, I will go back to it soon but I wasn’t enjoying it or really dedicating enough time towards the work. It’s meant I can spend more time blogging or starting a good series on Netflix. Doing life at my own pace means balancing the things I enjoy with the things I have to do.

I’ve also been spending a bit more time at home. Home is where I’m most comfortable and I’ve been enjoying just sitting in bed with a good book. (I’m currently reading Truly Madly Deeply by Liane Moriarty. Check it out, it’s brilliantly written!)

Another thing I was doing before I started slowing down was constantly scrolling through social media sites. I noticed that people I knew and some that I admired from afar were getting these amazing opportunities. They were talking about buying their first house, going on holiday, getting a promotion or even starting a family. Not all of those are things I want for myself right now. That’s when I realised the power of ‘right now.’

If I was to really slow down in life I needed to realise that I didn’t need all these things right now. I will be able to do all of these one day but if I just focus on a few things for now, I will be happier and less stressed.

I feel so much better for cutting out a few things that were exhausting me. I didn’t feel guilty that I was giving these things up because for me I wasn’t giving them up, I was just having a break for a bit. I’m starting to get my energy back now.

Do less and focus on things you are good at. I always like to think if you want to achieve something, don’t do it half halfheartedly. Dedicate everything to it and do it well.

Slow and steady wins the race right?

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