Give Yourself Some Credit

I’m aware I’ve been slacking on the blog front the past couple of months but it’s not like I haven’t tried. Every idea has been lacking in originality and I didn’t want to write something completely boring and mundane just for the sake of it. I’ve been incredibly busy the past few days (and it’s only Wednesday!) I drove up the M23 on Monday which was my first experience of motorway driving. I was so proud of myself that it all went smoothly that it got me thinking about how much credit we give ourselves for small achievements like those.

If you just stop and think about every single thing you do in a day, you’d be amazed at how much your body goes through. From driving, to meetings to making dinner, it’s the every day things we forget about congratulating ourselves on. Obviously, if we congratulated ourselves on everything, we’d all be deliriously drunk but probably incredibly happy nonetheless. What I mean is, being kinder to yourself and give yourself a little nod when you’ve done something well.

I think we spend a lot of time putting ourselves down or I know I do. I look at other people and think, wow they’ve achieved so much but I never stop to think about what I’ve achieved. Everyone has a different path in life and what’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another. Sometimes, I found that I set myself such high expectations that there was no way I was going to meet them which basically always led to disappointment.

It can be easy to not give yourself credit when you constantly compare yourself to others. Remember on the surface, they may seem like they’ve got it all and are doing well but they also have their own struggles and won’t portray that for the world to see. I think it would help if others were a bit more honest about how they were struggling at times. Not so others can take spite from it but why are we portraying such perfect lives online when we aren’t really living them?

Set yourself realistic targets and don’t be ashamed to make those small ones. For example, my job involves a lot of networking. I can’t say it’s my favourite part of the job but it’s part of my job and for the most part it’s fine. I used to think that I’d have to talk to everyone in the room otherwise the visit hadn’t been successful. I’d beat myself up if I wasn’t talking to someone for every single second of that time and would leave feeling quite deflated. Now, I class even talking to just a couple of people in the room as successful networking because I’d rather have a longer conversation than feel like I’ve got to get round everybody.

It doesn’t even just have to apply to work, although I don’t think many people give themselves enough credit for the massive workloads today’s workforce take on. Give yourself some credit in your personal life too. I’m pretty happy with my personal life and have been for a long time. At the moment, I’m giving myself credit for how positive I’ve been without my mum around. I haven’t been upset in quite a while now. I put that down to the great support I’ve got around me and give myself credit for handling my emotions better.

Complimenting yourself may seem like a strange thing to do but if you’re looking for a way to feel good about yourself then why not make a list of all those things you’ve achieved this year or throughout your whole life? It might surprise you at how much you’ve actually achieved. I may even do a post on my biggest achievements so far. What do you think?

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