10 Things That Happen When You’re in a Long Term Relationship

Half way through writing an August round up post, I stopped and wondered whether anyone but me would find it interesting. I wasn’t really enjoying writing it so for now it’s still sitting in my drafts. Maybe I’ll use it next August. Apart from the long 2 month break I seem to have taken from this blog (for no particular reason) nothing has changed. It feels good to be taping away on my keyboard again and bringing you a relationship themed post.

I’m not sure if my relationship is even classed long term at 2 years and 8 months but never mind. Here’s some of the habits we’ve fallen into over the past few years (that hopefully you can relate to.)

  1. Sitting in the same room but doing separate things

This is what we are currently doing. I’m blogging and my boyfriend is gaming. It happens quite a lot on Sundays. They’re our chill days where we each want to do something we enjoy. Maybe it seems weird to some people that we can ignore each other for a good few hours whilst in the same room but to us it’s normal. Obviously if we lived together, this would probably happen more frequently.

2. Talking (for great length) about toilet habits

Nothing is too embarrassing to reveal on my blog is it? Yes, we like to talk about our toilet habits at great length as if it’s as interesting as weekend plans. More so my boyfriend but I’ve found I’ve got into the habit of doing it too. Maybe I’m just turning into the most disgusting person. All we have in common is toilet habits… I’m joking, we have other things in common too. (*wracks brain trying to think of anything else we have in common*)

3. Telling each other how to drive properly

I can’t count the number of times I’ve told my boyfriend to slow down if he’s driving us somewhere. To me, it feels like he’s driving like a maniac but I suppose we get there quicker and I haven’t died yet. He moans at me for my shocking parking which only makes it worse. Parallel parking is hard! (and any other type of parking despite the fact that I’ve got a small car).

4. You won’t go to bed at the same time

We don’t always go to bed at the same time as my boyfriend is at Uni and I work full time so we have to be up at different hours. This can cause kerfuffle at 10 when I’m exhausted and he wants to watch a film. There’s been many a time when I’ve had the whole bed to myself. (Bliss!)

5. You put on weight

I must have put on at least a stone since I’ve met my boyfriend. I don’t feel (or look) overweight but I’ve noticed small changes in my body mostly due to the fact I eat too much pizza and watch too much Netflix. But what’s a girl to do? The cold months are drawing in at the rate of knots and I’ve got to have that extra roll to keep me warm. It’s only going to get worse when it’s too cold to step out of the house. I really wish my stomach was a bit flatter though. I used to be able to wear crop tops 🙁

6. Your boyfriend becomes your personal taxi

Many a time have I asked my boyfriend to come and pick me up from the pub or from Brighton when we missed the last train home and like a trooper he drove right on over and picked me up. (Without complaining too). I’m yet to return the favour except one pick up ages ago but knowing me I’d be asleep and not hear my phone. Also boys can walk home alone in the dark but girls can’t. (I should be annoyed about that but I’d prefer a lift any day).

7. You are brutally honest with each other

The only person you can really tell to shut up and grow up is your other half. (Unless they take that sort of thing the wrong way). Normally it’s him telling me to just grow up and get on with it but sometimes that’s all you need to feel like you’re on top of life again. Work problems, friend problems or just don’t like how they handled a situation, I have no problem telling my boyfriend exactly what I think. (This has stopped and also solved a lot of arguments).

8. You miss each other when you see other couples together

I went to a festival in London recently (South West Four if anyone’s interested-  it was awesome). Despite really enjoying it, I felt very slightly deflated and jealous of all the couples there well being ‘couple-y’. I wanted to share that experience with my boyfriend too but he wasn’t there. He’s coming next year though.

9. You don’t go on dates anymore

Well we don’t. Every night is date night right? We go on meals out and Valentine’s Day always feels like a date to me but days out and holidays just feel like big adventures that I get to share with one of my favourite people.

10. They’re the only person you can truly be a weirdo around

…and they don’t judge you! (Well they probably do but if they’ve put up with your weird antics for that long then you’re doing alright).


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