Learning to be Less Materialistic

When sitting in the staff room at work last week, we were discussing what we’d been watching on TV recently. Just your usual conversation about Peaky Blinders and I’m a Celebrity. One of the girls wasn’t really saying much and in an effort to include her, I asked if she watched much TV. She didn’t watch any of these TV programmes and never had. This was met with shock and disbelief. What did she do with her evenings? It’s a bit embarrassing how quick we are to judge on who watches what. Who cares if they’ve never seen Stranger Things?

It made me think about how much TV I consume just so I can gossip about it at work. I don’t really watch that much TV anyway but do I really enjoy the programmes I watch or do I feel obliged to watch them because everyone else does?  It’s the same with fashion. I constantly think I should be wearing the latest trends and end up blowing all my money shopping online (anyone else?) I like to look good but who am I trying to impress?

There’s no need to be so materialistic. Why do we always want what everyone else has got? Most people have an iPhone, most girls my age buy their clothes from New Look, most people have seen the latest box sets on Netflix. We’re all essentially the same. So I’m making a vow. I don’t want to feel pressured to see the latest boxset unless I feel it’s something I’d actually like to watch. I don’t want to buy another coat because tan trench coats are more fashionable than my perfectly fine grey one.

I’m not saying I’m never buying anything again (I love shopping and probably always will) but next year I’m going to spend less time watching TV and more time pursuing passions.

This weekend we didn’t do much. Apart from one lunch out in our local pub (and a small car park charge) I did not pay a thing. I wore the same couple of things across three days and didn’t care at all. I didn’t feel pressured to go out and do something for the sake of it, to post it on social media for others to see (although I do this a lot and am not ashamed – I love instagram) I just spent time with the person I love and we were happy with the small things like a walk in the forest or making dinner together with the music blaring.

I feel like I want to come back to the theme of being shocked when someone hasn’t seen a certain TV programme or film. I felt almost pressured to watch Breaking Bad. When I said I hadn’t seen it (up until recently when I finished the whole 5 seasons) I was met with; “Oh my god, I can’t believe you haven’t seen Breaking Bad!” You know what, I actually didn’t like the last couple of seasons, I got bored. I’m actually annoyed at myself that I felt so pressured to watch it.

I used to be in awe of all these people who had seemed to have seen every single film and TV series out there and if that’s you then cool. You might work in that industry or just love TV/ films. However, I don’t ever want to feel pressured to see a series just because everyone else raves about it. Let’s stop with the judging.

Without trying to turn this post into a rant of sorts, I just thought I’d reflect quickly on why we’re so materialistic. The internet is the obvious culprit. I think Vlogger’s play their part. I don’t watch any Vlogger’s but I know lots of them do ‘hauls’ which is basically where they go on a big shopping spree (usually endorsed by a brand) and hold up the items to the camera to explain what they’ve bought and why it’s good.

Lots of young people want a slice of this life. They’re under the impression that it’s an easy way to make money and have exactly what they want. It’s the ultimate materialistic lifestyle and who wouldn’t want top brands sending you freebies to promote and keep?

It’s not going to last forever though and happiness can be found through so many other channels such as family and friends.

Do you think we’re too materialistic?

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