A Look Back at 2017

It’s coming to that time of year where everyone is doing gift guides and reflecting on how this year has been. It’s quite scary that yet another year has passed us by and it’s getting closer to my birthday again. I’m all for what the future holds but it’s hard to hold onto the moments that mean the most when life seems to fly by. Here’s my round up of how 2017 went for me.

New job

I started 2017 in the best way at my then, new job. I’d been feeling quite low and unmotivated about ever finding something that didn’t need a degree or that I would be interested in. I knew applying for a job in the charity sector would be a good idea and I’m so glad I managed to find not only a great place to work but one fairly close to home. I’ve had so many great opportunities in my role from travelling all over London (including an event in The Savoy!), across the UK and even visiting the Houses of Parliament.


I got the opportunity to visit Rome this year and spent 5 days wandering around the beautiful city and eating as much pizza as humanly possible. The highlights for me were visiting the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, seeing The Sistine Chapel and walking round The Roman Forum. We went in late May and the temperature had just hit 30 so I’d definitely recommend going before the heat of Summer to avoid school holidays.

I also got to experience Norfolk Broads with my boyfriend and his family during the summer. It was a much needed relaxing break. We were also surrounded by ducks which is my idea of heaven so that was fun. I even drove the boat down the Broads and pretended like I knew exactly what I was doing…


I’ve had some great times with my fab group of friends this year; one highlight being Wagamama’s and Lucky Voice for my birthday. It’s become a bit of a tradition these last couple of years to do karaoke on my birthday as it’s something I love. It’s always a laugh and classics like The Spice Girls and S Club 7 areĀ  our go to’s along with many cocktails of course.

I also walked 15 miles across London in September with a friend from work. (Not out of choice may I add). It was something we got roped into but turned out to be good fun. The event was called the Thames Bridge Trek which took you over 12 bridges in London. We were exhausted by the end and I couldn’t physically move the next day but it was an achievement to say we’d done it. I’m pretty proud of that.


I’ve been feeling a lot happier this year. 2016 was a horrible year for most people it seemed and I was glad to see it over. I know a new year doesn’t change much and I never set myself goals anymore but I feel much more content. I don’t get upset as much as I used to and I think work has been a major factor on that part. I’ve been keeping busy and enjoying the many opportunities my job gives me.

I’ve started to accept that life will be different from now on and that’s okay. I’ve stopped feeling so angry and frustrated that others have seemingly perfect lives and I don’t. Christmas can be quite hard but I’m getting through it and I know that’s what my mum would want. So here’s to more happiness for 2018!


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