7 Things I Want to Achieve in 2018

I know I said I wasn’t setting myself any New Year’s resolutions for 2018 but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a list of things to be achieved. I guess it’s more of a bucket list. I like to push myself harder in all aspects of life and try constantly to be a better person. I love goals as much as the next person and will inevitably fail after the first few weeks of January have passed.

This year, my gym membership lasted all of an impressive three months, so that is definitely not a resolution I will be setting myself again. Hopefully my list is less conventional and more achievable this year.

  1. Improve my blog content 

I love writing my blog and am so proud of how long I’ve managed to keep it up. I’m constantly trying to think of bigger and better content ideas to produce and next year I’m going to get serious about actually making a content plan.

I’d like to write content that’s challenging but not controversial; content that’s going to drive people to think yes, I really needed to hear that right now. I’ve always expressed how I’d like this blog to be a place that aims to help others. I want that to continue and hopefully with a slight tweak to my blog design (which you may have noticed) it will be even easier to find what you’re looking for.

2. Visit Spain 

Can you believe I’ve never been to Spain? I’m pretty sure most people have and Barcelona looks like a great city to visit. I’m all about the city breaks and exploring tourist attractions to see what all the fuss is about. I’d also combine this with a bit of sunbathing of course because surely that’s what’s so great about Spain? You’ve got the coast and the city right there.

I’ve also heard great things about Tenerife, Seville, Majorca and Marbella so let me know which ones you think should be top of my list.

3. Use my DSLR camera

I bought a bridge camera a couple of years ago now and although the memory is full, I haven’t actually used it that much. It’s been on most holidays with me but because it’s such a big camera, it’s hard to take everywhere and it’s heavy round my neck. It also makes you look like a tourist which is never the best look. Next year, I’d like to use it to photograph day trips and the beautiful countryside around me.

My blog could benefit from some good photography too so my aim is to watch a few tutorials, read a few blog posts and try out a few tips to improve my shots.

4. Boss my job

I’ve been working at a charity for 10 months now in the Corporate Partnerships team. It’s a role I’d never done before but am learning to really enjoy. My role is to encourage businesses to support the charity and manage the corporates that already do.

I’d love to be responsible for winning us a Charity of the Year partnership or just encouraging a corporate to work on a campaign with our team so in 2018 I’m going to work even harder to see if I can put my name to something. I’ll also be attending The Savoy again so I’m going to work hard to make sure that’s a success.

5. Attend an exercise class

I was going to put at least once a week but I’d be happy if this was every other week to be honest. I used to attend a Zumba class which I really enjoyed but I came to know all the routines and wanted something a bit different to try.

It’s hard working all day then having to drive an hour home then finding the motivation to want to exercise. I know how good it makes me feel though so next year I’m going to try harder to make this happen.

I’d like to try a zumba/ dance style class but the best one I’ve found is about half an hour away so if anyone knows of anything good that’s closer to home, let me know.

6. Cook more & eat out less

I spend a lot of money on food; so much so that going out for dinner isn’t a treat anymore it’s kinda become the norm. In an effort to save money (and maybe drop a couple of pounds) I’m going to put my cooking skills to the test and actually make the effort to cook more rather than go out for food.

I think this especially applies to the colder, winter months when you can’t be bothered to brave the outdoors anyway. Despite what others may think, I’m alright at cooking, I’m just what you might call a messy chef. Clearing up is most definitely done at the end and I have to have the music blaring because it’s no fun otherwise.

7. Be kinder to myself

By this I mean, be less hard on myself. I often beat myself up about the mistakes I make but everyone makes mistakes and I should just learn from it and move on. Tied to that is the fact that I really need to slow down. I can get so enthusiastic and determined to do something without help that I plunge right in and get things wrong. Next year, I need to take my time, be more organised and have a set place for everything so nothing gets lost in the black hole that is my bedroom.

One last thing to note is, I will try to be physically kinder to myself by actually implementing a skin care routine, taking more baths and eating the right foods so I have more energy.

I hope that by making my goals very specific, they can be achieved and I hope to look back on this late next year to see if I’ve managed to do any.

What are your goals for 2018?

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