My Love for House & Dance Music

As you may have noticed, I’ve added a new tab to my blog; music. After some consideration about what content I felt was pulling my blog down, I realised that I just didn’t like writing career based content so have removed that from my blog. Instead, I thought I’d bring you something completely different. I’m going to be trying my hand at writing about music instead. It will be predominantly House and Dance music as I love the genre and wanted to share my love for it with you guys.

I will be bringing you posts on the newest artists that I’m loving, reviews on festivals and the best tracks in Dance and House. Hopefully it will grow even more and I’ll be inspired to write in depth pieces on music that I love and I hope you love too.

My love for House and Dance music has grown over a number of years. It started when I left for Uni. Those last couple of teenage years I spent in halls were dominated by massive beats and long nights that turned into early morning dancing in some of my favourite clubs. It was here that I discovered how much I liked dance music. Flatmates would blast out tunes from their bedrooms on a daily basis and that’s when Shazam became my best friend.

I soon signed up for a free Spotify account and started making playlists of all these ‘new’ songs. I started attending a few DJ sets in Southampton from the big names in Drum and Bass and Dance such as Pendulum and Duke Dumont. You could say I was becoming a bit of a party animal. I couldn’t get enough of listening to these songs and seeing them live was addictive. I loved dancing (madly may I add) to their sets and burning a few calories along the way…

Me and a group of friends decided to try Reading Festival for the first time in 2015 and although the camping was pretty grim, I will never forget the incredible acts I got to experience. I spent the majority of my time in the dance tent jumping about to the likes of Wilkinson, Gorgon City and Netsky (although I’m pretty sure I had no idea who Netsky was at the time and spent ages pronouncing it ‘Net-ski’). That’s the beauty of  Reading though; you discover all these acts that you would never think of listening to normally.

I remember being right at the front of the crowd to see Disclosure (also Reading Festival) and just grinning and jumping about with a cider in my hand. That’s what live music should be like. Although Disclosure are more electronic, they definitely incorporate House music into their style. If you’re a newbie to the world of House and Dance music then Disclosure are a great band to start listening to.

It was soon after Reading Festival that I started seeing dance music appear in the charts. House and Dance was becoming wildly popular with the younger audience with the likes of David Guetta and Avicii bringing out the sounds of the Summer.

Last Summer, I attended my first House and Dance festival on Clapham Common called South West Four (SW4). It’s a fairly unknown festival but boasted big names such as Deadmau, Pendulum, MK and Sub Focus. I wish I was cool enough to say it was sick because it really was one of the coolest festivals I’ve ever been to. Sub Focus and Sigma were the highlights of the weekend for me. They both had the biggest sets on the main stage and were doing live sets which means having the featuring artist on their tracks performing live.

I also got to see one of my favourite dance acts perform (although we couldn’t stay for the entire set unfortunately).  Disciples are a relatively new dance act hailing from South London. Their biggest hits include ‘On My Mind’, ‘How Deep is Your Love (ft. Calvin Harris)’ and ‘Daylight’. Watch their video for ‘On My Mind’ below.

I now pay for Spotify Premium and have many House and Dance playlists on repeat. I’m always on the look out for new tracks and discovering older tracks as I’m still by no means an expert. I tend to enjoy the more mainstream of the House and Dance acts so don’t expect anything too edgy to pop up here. Although I’m not against the unknown acts as some will be producing brilliant tracks.

So what can you expect as I foray further into the world of House and Dance music? I’ll hopefully be attending SW4 again this year and will be on the look out for more live music that takes my interest. I’m also going to see Imagine Dragons at the end of Feb if anyone’s interested in hearing about that. No dance music there though.

Let me know your thoughts on my House and Dance music posts. Do you also have a love for the genre?

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