7 Of My Favourite Dance Tracks

Dance music probably dominates most of my playlists on Spotify. I listen to music a lot on the go and find that nothing beats an up-tempo track on a tiresome commute. Combined with the sound from my beats headphones, there’s nothing quite like the experience you get from the bass pounding in your ears and the drop making you want to do more than just bob your head. (Dancing on trains doesn’t seem to be acceptable though).

I’ve gone through many phases of loving different tracks but there’s a few artists that have stuck around and produced hit after hit. Artists that play the biggest music festivals in the world and change their sound with what resonates with their audience. I can’t proclaim to have been a follower for years but for the short time that I’ve been a listener, these are the tracks that have had the most impact on me.

Whilst narrowing down to seven tracks might be difficult, I thought this would give you an insight into my absolute favourites, the tracks that I play most often and can sing every word to.


  1. Wilkinson – Sweet Lies

Lets start with one of my most played tracks on Spotify. Wilkinson are a massive name in dance music and not only dominate the dance genre but often can be found topping the pop charts too. You will probably recognise them for their biggest hit, Afterglow, which is a brilliant dance track throwing me back to hot summers and Reading Festival in 2015. Sweet Lies for me, is slightly different from their usual build up and drop. It is similar to Afterglow, I’ll admit but Karen Harding who features on the track, has got a perfect voice for dance tracks and the beat is extremely catchy.

I saw this performed at South West Four last year, not by Karen Harding sadly, but it was a live set and Wilkinson absolutely killed it. I have a dodgy phone video to prove it. Also, perfect for working out in the gym to or as a motivational running song.

2. Andy C – Heartbeat Loud

This is a fairly new addition to my repertoire of dance tracks but a deserving one. Andy C is another giant in dance music and this, in my opinion is his best track. Every single second is just perfection and it’s obvious that a lot of work has gone into making the track sound flawless.

What I like so much is that the singer’s voice rings out loud over the track and the beat is barely there until the track builds and incorporates all the other tones. It’s a fast building track that doesn’t have you on edge waiting for the drop which is another thing I love about this song.  I’d recommend listening to this one in the car when you’re speeding up the motorway.

Catch Andy C at South West Four festival this August. Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing him this year as we’re only attending the Sunday but he always performs an exciting set so don’t miss it if you’re a fan.

3. Disciples – Daylight

My list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the masters that are Disciples. Every single track they release blast from my speakers on repeat. I can’t get enough of this act. Although most of their tracks run along a similar vein with a simple beat and one note used for the majority of the tune, the tracks just really resonate with me.  

The vocals are double tracked making it sound like a group is singing and it just gives the track a cool vibe.  Daylight is my current favourite because it jumps right into the chorus from the get go. I dare you not to dance.

Again you can catch Disciples at South West Four on the Sunday. I’d highly recommend. I reckon they’re the next big thing in dance music and predict headline spots for them soon.

4. Wankelmut & Emma Louise:  MK Remix – My Head is a Jungle

I’m pretty sure this is my most played track on Spotify period. This is a pure House track and MK does a brilliant job of remixing it. I’m not even ashamed to say that I haven’t heard the original as why would I need to when this track provides me with timeless listening?

The dismal sound of Emma Louise’s voice is what sets this track apart from every other dance and House contribution. It also brings back fond memories of Uni, getting ready to go out and clubbing in good ol’ Oceana.

I saw MK perform this track at South West Four last year and I’ve never been so happy about jumping around in a field as I was in that moment. (No exaggeration I promise). If you want to listen to a track that never ages, that has a pure House sound and build up to the drop then this is the track.

I also love the metaphor and imagery created by the lyrics ‘My Head is a Jungle’ but that’s just the English Language student in me.

5. Redlight – Get Out My Head

I first discovered Redlight when I worked at a roller disco teaching kids to skate. (Believe me, it was the best job). To be honest, this is the only song of theirs which I like and despite it being slightly repetitive, it’s remained as one of my most played songs.

It always takes me back to my first job so maybe it’s a favourite due to the memories but Redlight are gradually growing in popularity. They played South West Four last year to an afternoon audience who were more worried about relaxing in the August sun. However, I had a quick dance to this track and I’m hoping for some new material soon.

6. Martin Solveig – Places

I’m quite surprised this managed to make the list as I never used to like this song but it’s really grown on me and after seeing Martin Solveig live last Summer (again at SW4) I’ve been playing this track over and over. I love the lyrics to this song and it was in the charts for a while so may be one you recognise.

I hope Solveig is announced in the line up for SW4 this year as I’ll be even more enthusiastic this time. I couldn’t find the original on Soundcloud but below is a remix.

7. Oilver Heldens X Becky Hill – Overdrive

This song probably rivals My Head is a Jungle for most played song on my Spotify account. I’d go as far to say this is one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s a feel good track that is perfect to stick on whilst working out on the cross trainer. Again, it featured in the charts for a while and you may recognise it for it’s slightly strange music video. (Think tentacles.)

The best news of all is that Oliver Heldens is going to be at SW4 this year and on the day I’m going! This is definitely a set not to miss for me. I will review it later this year and let you know if it was as good as I’d hoped.

So there’s my round up of my favourite dance tracks. This is by no means an extensive list. (I’m pretty sure I could add to it. I mean Sub Focus don’t even feature on this list and they’re another of my most listened to artists.) What are your favourite dance tracks?

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