Music, Books & A Short Break

The snow has sent us all into meltdown this week (ironically!) It always does. Even though we’re pretty used to it by now. The weather dominates the news and every conversation until it’s truly gone. The office has been shut since Tuesday but lucky ol’ me can work from home so no snow days for me. Working in the middle of the countryside means work often has its own micro climate which is bizarre but amusing I suppose. Enough of the snow, surely there’s something else we can talk about?

For this post, I’m just going to talk about a few things that I’ve been enjoying this month. I’ll divide it into three sections and it will be a catch up of sorts. This may become a regular thing but I seem to say that often and never stick to my word (sorry about that). Here’s a round up of my recent thoughts.


Is it just me or has 2018’s music offering been totally uninspiring? Amongst the whiny tones of young pop stars and one hit wonder rappers, I’m finding it hard to find new music that I like. I feel like I’ve heard it all and can be a very harsh critic when hearing a song for the first time.

Disciples released their new track 48HRS last week and I was so disappointed with what I heard. They were doing exactly what everyone else was. Sampling and copying. It almost reminded me of a Drake track.

We booked Saturday tickets to South West Four in January after much compromise on my part. (I wanted to go for the whole weekend but MONEY!!) The third phase of acts was released last week and boy was I happy when I saw Galantis topping the bill for Saturday! I was secretly hoping they’d be announced this year. (Honestly). Basement Jaxx are the afternoon headliner for Sunday. I’m pretty sure they’d be awesome too. I can feel a lot of people attending the Sunday to relive some 90s vibes for their set.

The line up is looking pretty good so far. I’m especially excited about Oliver Van Heldens, Galantis, Marshmallow, Sigma and seeing MK again. I’m also excited to introduce my boyfriend and friends to a festival I love. I mean, I’m hoping they’re going to enjoy it as much as I do. If not, they’ll no doubt be embarrassed by my enthusiastic dancing/ jumping around.

I can’t wait until festival season. For some reason, this year I’ve been trawling through websites waiting for the line ups to come out; seeing if any take my fancy and then grimacing over the ticket prices. Music comes at a price. For me, it’s worth it though. You don’t only get quality acts performing but you get to experience an atmosphere like no other, mostly in a muddy field with the smell of fast food filling your lungs but seriously. Nothing beats a whole day of music across multiple stages and tents which you can come and go from as you please.

Discovering new artists is one of my favourite things about attending festivals. Last year at SW4, I remember really enjoying Sam Feldt’s set. He wasn’t a new discovery for me, in fact he’s well known in the dance industry but he wasn’t someone I was excited for. His set surprised me; maybe it was the afternoon sunshine pouring into the tent or the readiness of the crowd waiting for the drop but Sam Feldt is one to watch and I’ve been playing his music more at home as a result.


This month I have read The Last Anniversary – Liane Moriarty. I absolutely love Liane Moriaty’s style of writing and the way she captures the character’s feelings is like unlike anything I’ve ever read. You may have heard of Moriarty from the huge hit Big Little Lies which is now a TV series on Sky Atlantic or possibly The Husband’s Secret which I wasn’t that impressed with. However, my favourite of hers is Truly, Madly Deeply about an accident which tears apart a family and their neighbours. Read it!

Because I loved those titles so much, I thought I’d try another of her titles. It was slow to get going and I didn’t really warm to the main character but I found I couldn’t put it down. I’d sum it up as an easy to read tale that really pulls you into the story, allowing you to feel as if you’re right there with them.

I’m currently reading The Reykjavik Assignment – Adam Lebor which was a birthday present. This one is about the United Nations and their fight for peace through international relations. I have to admit, I’m finding it hard going. The plot is complex and without a deeper understanding of how the United Nations operate, it’s difficult to grasp the story and the characters motivations. However, I’ve stuck with it and am over half way now. The story is starting to pick up pace and there’s a couple of similarities with Homeland which helps.

Short Break

You may have noticed over on my instagram that I spent a long weekend in Center Parcs recently. I used to go a lot as a kid and it’s a place I truly love. I haven’t been in about 4 years so it was lovely to go back and see what had changed. We swam, we cycled, we played badminton, table tennis, bowling, archery and went quad biking. We also fitted in a few meals out and managed to relax a little too.

We stayed in a small apartment with a balcony overlooking the beautiful forest and I didn’t want to leave. It was so peaceful. It snowed on the last day we were there which genuinely made the forest look magical and we spent the last few hours of our break relaxing in a jacuzzi with the white flakes falling around us. I’ll stop making you jealous now.

The break was a treat for my birthday and I’d recommend booking one of the new apartments as they’re much cheaper than the lodges. Ours was also only about 20 yards from the pool complex which was perfect since it was freezing outside! I’d also recommend bringing your bikes or hiring some as it’s a much quicker way to get round the huge forest.

So that’s been my week so far and the excitement isn’t over yet. I’m on a half day today as we’re going to the O2 to see Imagine Dragons tonight! May pop a little review up for you in the next week.

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