Humidity, Holidays & Healthy Eating

After much deliberation over what to title this post, I decided on the cheesy alliteration. Sorry to those of you cringing inwardly. It’s better than just titling it as a diary entry (even though that’s what it is) but I feel this is how I want to take my blog forward from now on; personal anecdotes of my sometimes interesting life.

I’ll still be writing my usual content on relationships and advice but I’ll be getting rid of my music category (short lived, I know) and possibly adding the career content back into the mix. Anything else you want to see just give me a shout.

May’s been a pretty meh month for me. I mean aside from the two bank holiday’s we’ve had (which were obviously filled with over eating, drinking and getting sunburnt) I’ve just been feeling unmotivated.

Maybe it’s the change in weather or (and I hate to blame it on this) but maybe it’s just shitty old hormones.

May feels like the bit in between where you still need a jacket and the countdown to your summer holiday is on. Ours is only three weeks away!

Packing will commence in the coming weeks and I’m weirdly excited about picking out those outfits that I never get to wear in the UK. Those pieces that are bought solely for holiday purposes and only get an outing a few times a year. I’ll also be sporting my big, floppy sun hat (which is sexier than it sounds!) Again, an accessory, which seems too extravagant for the temperamental, English weather.

I’m hoping for a nice heat and not the mugginess we’ve been having here. It’s somehow okay to have the hot weather whilst abroad but it doesn’t seem right if we have it for more than 3 days here.

Healthy eating is something I’ve been wondering about recently. After seeing the very prominent Cancer Research campaigns on obesity being a leading cause of cancer, I started thinking about what I was putting in my body.

Now, I know I’m not obese or overweight but I’ve been trying to make some simple changes to my meals occasionally in an effort to live a healthier life. It hasn’t meant cutting anything out or depriving myself of chocolate. Nothing limiting but I’ve been trying to hold back on the number of takeaways I have. It’s so hard! There’s so much good food out there and I love Chinese far too much.

I go for a quick snack and 9 times out of 10 it’s covered in chocolate. How can you not when it practically calls your name from the cupboard?! Anyway, it’s also difficult when your boyfriend’s dinner of choice is McDonalds. (He’d eat it for every meal if he could).

I said I was going to start cooking more meals but I still haven’t and there’s no excuse as to why. I feel like I need some inspiration though. Pinterest is probably the way to go or possibly a fancy new cookbook. I’ve never been that enthralled by cookbooks though. They’re either too complex or are full or stuff I don’t really like.

I would try Jamie Oliver’s 15-minute meals but after all the controversy over him banning 2 for 1 pizzas, I just feel I can’t buy one of his books. I’m not going to support that sort of negativity. How dare he try to ban one of my favourite foods? Okay not ban it completely but the deals on it…

What kind of foods work for you as a snack? I snack on cashew nuts at work but I’m not sure if they’re that good for you. I’ll update you on if I’ve kept this up next time.

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