Why I’ve gone From Love Island Cynical to Love Island Obsessed

Before I sat down to write this post, I did think about whether my audience really wanted to read another opinion on Love Island and then I thought – to hell with it, it’s my blog and I want to write about my life (which for the last month, has mostly consisted of Love Island). Sad? I think not.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the current series of Love Island and I’ll admit, I was not on the bandwagon. I didn’t watch the series last year and took every opportunity to slam it for the ‘hollow and fame hungry nobodies’ living in the villa. I watched about 10 minutes of the 2017 series because how can you not, it’s all anyone is talking about?

I could kind of see why everyone was obsessing over it, we all have some sort of weird fascination with other people’s lives but I wasn’t convinced to watch it. These people had a brain cell between them and were so far from relatable that I knew I wouldn’t care. Who really wants to see drop dead gorgeous girls with perfect bodies flirting with equally perfect men in the hope of finding love? It’s all contrived so what’s the point?

Enter Love Island 2018! In an effort to join in with the work lot’s gossip, I settled down (with my reluctant boyfriend may I add) to watch the new series of Love Island and d’you know what? We didn’t hate it! We both actually wanted to see what happened the next night. I was sceptical that I’d want to watch it every night but we even watched it on holiday…

So what actually converted me you may ask? I realise that a lot of the show is based around extremely poor morals. Both the guys and the girls get to pick their couple based on only their looks. It’s what happens after this that’s the interesting part.

  1. When the couples get to know each other

The first few days are spent getting to know each other and realising that despite looking attractive, the grass is probably greener somewhere else. (Cue Adam, Megan and Wes to name a few!)

2. When friendships are formed

Aside from Megan (and possibly Samira?), I love how all the girls have each others’ backs. There’s a real sense of friendship between them and the advice they give each other about relationships has me avidly watching.

3. When they become role models

Dani and Georgia in particular have really set the bar for young role models. They’re both strong, kind, funny, loyal and basically won’t take any shit from anyone. I love how they’re redefining what it means to be a reality TV star.

4. When they’re relatable

So many of the girls on reality TV are fake and we’re left wondering about their real intentions. Is it all for TV or do you genuinely like the couple you’re in? Obviously, a lot of Love Island is scripted but there are some raw moments where we really see their personalities shine through. Dani, my favourite of all the girls, is so incredibly relatable. My favourite quote has to be:

“I’m scared he’ll find a girl with a nice bum and boobs that doesn’t eat cheese toasties every night!”

I’m pretty sure most girls can relate to that! She also refused to clap for her partner, Jack’s, ex when she came into the villa and mutters ‘I’m not clapping for her, I’m not talking to her” which would be every girls reaction ever.

5. When you form favourites

Dani is partnered up with Jack and well, he might be the sole reason I watch the show to be honest. He’s just lovely. Without wanting to go all gushy and write 500 words on how much I love Jack (because believe me, I could) he is the only guy in the villa that’s stayed loyal to his partner and has taken every opportunity to show Dani how much he cares about her.

He’s made Dani breakfast on the terrace, comforted her when she was upset, made the bed and left a rose on her pillow, asked her to be his girlfriend, stayed loyal when he was put in a villa with 6 other girls (one of which was his ex), told her he loves her and on top of that has respected what she wants and hasn’t slept with her.

I know lots of these things should be common place in a relationship but because none of the other boys are showing anywhere near the same sort of love and respect for their partners – Jack is seen as some sort of saint.

They are my favourite part of the show. Their feelings for each other are obvious and their relationship is so sweet to watch. The whole nation are behind them as well and they’re the clear favourites to win.

6. Everyone chats about it

Nearly my entire Twitter feed is full of Love Island gossip and opinions constantly. I feel like I know everything there is to know about it. (What’s happened to me?) Everyone at work watches it too so it’s always nice to get involved and have a catch up on all the drama from the night before. We even have a Whatsapp group dedicated to it! It feels like the entire nation is watching Love Island and The World Cup at the moment and it’s such a positive community (for the most part) sharing news and rooting for your favourites.


So now you all know what I’ve been up to this month and where I’ll be for the next month. I feel like a hyporcrite from slamming the show last year to now loving it, which really shows how you should just give things a chance. Watch it and you’ll realise what I mean.

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