What to watch/read/listen to this month

After toying with the idea of creating a monthly favourites post at several points this year, I’m finally bringing back a list of what I’ve been enjoying this month.

If like me, you rave about a book and then try to get all your friends and family to read it, you’ll hopefully feel the passion I pour into each recommendation. 

My favourite form of procrastination is to watch Netflix, read or listen to music so I’ve got reams of favourites saved up which I’m hoping to lay out in a monthly post.

What to watch

I’ve found that I don’t normally watch a TV programme unless it’s been recommended to me. I actually don’t watch that much TV at all and haven’t been to the cinema in a month or two.

However, a couple of things on Netflix have gripped me recently and were recommended by the good people of Twitter.

First up, it’s Safe. Written by the fantastic Harlan Coben, I knew I was bound to enjoy this British crime drama. Set over eight episodes, the story follows Tom Delaney (Michael C Hall) on the hunt to find his missing daughter.

The story delves into relationships with your neighbours and whether you can really know those closest to you. Reminiscent of Broadchurch, the flashbacks will have you questioning where the truth really lies. 

A great, short series that sometimes had too many story lines but comes to a crushing, crescendo of an ending.

Another series which I’ve just started watching is Power. Power follows the life of successful night club owner, James St Patrick who moonlights as a drug dealer in New York.

I’m only four episodes in but I’m loving the dynamic characters and the suave feel to every episode. If you’re looking for something tense, sexy and action packed, then give Power a go.

What to read

The best book I’ve read recently was one I picked up in Sainsbury’s for £4 called The Love Letter by Lucinda Riley. It was also a beastly 600 pages long. I was hooked from the beginning and shocked until the last page.

The story follows journalist, Joanna Haslam on her quest to uncover a mystery kept under wraps for decades. Joanna is sent to cover a legendary actor’s funeral where she meets a strange woman and stumbles upon a letter which reveals shocking secrets about the recently deceased.

The book jumps between events from the actor’s life fifty years ago to modern day following Joanna getting deeper into a complex mystery of lies. I truly didn’t want this book to end. The story was captivating and I genuinely had no idea how it would all tie together.

What to listen to

I have so many Spotify playlists full of my favourite tracks from Country to Rock to slow moving ballads. It’s no wonder that with all that music, I don’t really listen to many new artists unless they really impress me. 

Blossoms are one of those. They remind me of another of my favourite bands, The Vaccines and have really blown up on the Indie scene recently. You may recognise their hit ‘I Can’t Stand It’ but my favourite is ‘How Long Will This Last?’ Check them out if you’re into The Vaccines, The Arctic Monkeys or Catfish and The Bottlemen.

I want to move onto an artist I have been enjoying for a long time. She has featured on many dance hits over the years and produces her own music too. Becky Hill is a fairly unknown name for some but her voice deserves all the recognition. 

Her newest track ‘Sunrise in the East’ is a song that takes me back to the summer, festivals and drinking cider in beer gardens. Check her out for a mixture of pop and dance tunes.

Another artist I’ve been enjoying recently isn’t a new edition either but equally worthy of the attention. I’ve been listening to Khalid a lot this month and am slightly in love with his soulful voice which seems to lend itself to any genre. His album, American Teen is brilliant and my favourite is  ‘Another Sad Love Song’. ‘Ocean’ and ‘Love Lies’ also deserve a shout out. As soon as he announces his next tour, I will be sure to try and get tickets.

My taste in TV, music and books is fairly eclectic so hopefully there’s something there for everyone. If there’s something you’ve been enjoying recently, let me know what in the comments as I’m always looking for new addictions! 

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