A Catch Up – Life is Exhausting

The first few weeks of January have been like running on autopilot for me. I’ve dragged myself out of bed after snoozing my alarm at least three times and driven the 50 minute journey to work where I’m met with a barrage of emails, campaigns and queries to sort. I then leave work, travel about an hour home (rush hour traffic meaning it takes longer) and collapse on my bed.

By the end of the week, I am exhausted. To be honest, by about Wednesday I’m longing for a lie in and lacking in energy but it’s what we do for money eh?

I’m sure this autopilot malarkey sounds familiar to a few of you. Weeks go by without anything of significance happening, you’re just trying to keep afloat and make it to the weekend. Then, yay, you do it all over again the following week!

The most exciting thing that happened this week was that I got a pay rise, yay to me! It was just the little confidence boost I needed after a few days of self-doubt.

In other non- work related news, Friday night we went and saw The Vaccines perform at Brighton Dome. They were awesome and I spent the night dancing away and yelling the words back to them. Ah, how I love gigs.

There’s something life affirming about being surrounded by hundreds of sweaty bodies who love the same music that you do, all happy and care free for an hour and a half on a Friday night. Albeit, we did get those typical morons showering numerous cups of beer over the crowd, meaning we were drenched in it by the end but nevertheless; I loved it.

The rest of the weekend has gone by in a blur. It’s been a chilled one for the most part, with me actually getting some diploma work done whilst Rich was out yesterday. I then picked up some bits for dinner and made us chicken curry which was pretty tasty.

Today has been even more chilled with another lie in and time to do the boring admin parts of life like changing the breakdown cover on my car. The rest of the day will be spent going out for a roast, reading and probably trying to do yet more diploma work. Relaxing mostly.

I’ve been trying to relax a bit and take some time to do things I enjoy in the evening too. At the moment, I’m having to balance this with a marketing diploma so by taking time for myself, I’m hoping that it will give me more motivation to do my work. (It’s not working so far!)

I’m currently reading ‘The Bat’ by Jo Nesbo about a girl who was killed when backpacking round Australia. It took a while for me to get into it but a few twists have just been revealed which have got me gripped. I also recently finished ‘A Spark of Light’ by Jodi Picoult which I tore through in about a week. I’ve read all of Picoult’s books and although this wasn’t my favourite, the way she writes just mesmerises me (and makes me jealous that I didn’t think up the idea and write it first.)

Mabel has been my most played artist recently. I am loving her new track ‘Don’t Call Me Up’, it just makes me want to get up and dance. I’m also obsessed with Post Malone’s new song ‘Wow.’ and I need to see him asap. His voice gives me chills.

I finished ‘You’ on Netflix last weekend which I really enjoyed (and sympathised with Beck on for her writer’s block). We then tried ‘Dogs’ last night as we both turn into over excited children every time one walks by. It’s a 6 part documentary focusing on different stories about a dog and their owner.

The one we watched was set in Syria and followed a man who’d managed to seek asylum in Berlin. However, he had to leave his dog behind with a friend to cross the border. The story was about him trying to get the dog over to Berlin. Zeus, the beautiful husky in question looked like the most gentle, loving dog and my heart went out to him having to live in a war zone away from his owner. I’d recommend if you’re a dog lover.

So now, I suppose I will look to the week ahead although I’d rather pretend it’s the weekend forever. I’m going to another gig on Friday so I’ve got that to look forward to. I didn’t intentionally plan to go to gigs two weeks in a row but it’s making the winter months a bit more bearable.

I’m going to see Bastille next Friday and having been a fan for a long time, I’m looking forward to finally seeing them live. I’m sure that will get me through another week if nothing else.

Hope everyone has a lovely week 🙂

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