Reflections & Worries

I like to take time to reflect on the good things in life and take pride in how far I’ve come. Whether that’s a career move, a big step in my relationship or just learning something new. It’s something I want to do more of to remind myself of the little things (or big things) that make life good.

With that in mind, I started a gratitude diary at the beginning of this year. It asks you to list 3 things that you’re grateful for each day. I thought it would be difficult at first to think of 3 good things but it could be anything as simple as waking up in a good mood or eating a piece of cake. I haven’t filled in the diary every day but when I pick it back up again, it’s nice to flick through and reflect on all the nice, small things that we take for granted in life. 

It’s helped a lot through the long, dark months we’ve been having and the mundanity that comes with every day life. Emotions have been running high for me recently and I’ve been wondering why I can’t just chill out. I’ve been feeling uptight and on edge (about God knows what) and worrying about things that are insignificant. 

I haven’t been feeling myself lately you know? Positivity has been lacking and I’ve managed to think the worst of every situation. Even interactions with other people have felt like a massive effort. Not tonight though. I’m feeling a bit more determined, happier and ready to take on all those pesky obstacles that life throws in the way because they’re only temporary and easily overcome if I put my mind to it.

What I really want is to get away (in the sunshine preferably). We’re going to the New Forest this weekend which I’m hoping will leave me feeling refreshed and upbeat. Rain is forecast but nothing is going to stop me from enjoying a weekend just the two of us. It’s likely that the weekend will consist of eating our way round the pubs and coffee shops of Brockenhurst if the rain does persist, which of course I’m equally as excited for. 

Getting away doesn’t always solve life’s problems and I know life is definitely what you make it. I suppose that’s what happens when you’re a dreamer. I have so many plans and things I want to achieve, the next one being to move out, that the space in between seems insignificant and somewhat of a period that I’m racing to get through. 

It’s the saving period, the calm before the storm if you like. The ‘I’m finally a responsible adult who doesn’t spend all of her money on alcohol and clothes’ girl. I’m proud of her but also impatient to get to the point where I become a fully fledged adult aka – the homeowner.

It’s a sexy term right? One which signals that I’ve finally got my life together. That’s a weird phrase though because has anyone really ‘got their life together’? Life is always throwing up some kind of stressful situation and someone who we may think supposedly has their life together either hasn’t or would readily admit that they haven’t. 

It’s almost cool to not have your life together. I like to call it the ‘millennial mock’, the meme generation that takes the mickey of those who need to ‘sort their life out’. Also affectionately known as ‘millennial burnout’. The generation that find ‘adulting’ too difficult. Buzzfeed have a bizarre but relatable article on the burnout generation here

I really love the faith that the media put in our generation- calling us a burnout generation and labelling us a failures before we’ve even made our mark. Life is hard, I want to yell at all these snobby journalists and politicians who think they understand young people and the difficulties we face.

Without going off on a tangent and getting angry about the generation divide, the pressures of modern life (buying a house, being in a relationship and understanding your taxes when no one has ever bothered to explain to you how they work) all those life ‘things’ that are expected of you can make you feel inadequate if you’re not doing them right now. 

So what I guess I’m trying to say is chill if you feel like life is bogging you down with all these little, insignificant worries. Relax if you’re feeling uptight over Brexit or the fact that there is no affordable housing in your area (or any area for that matter). 

We’ve got each other and there’s nothing that comforts me more than having someone by my side saying it will all be alright. Make your own path in life and consume less media. My favourite quote on this is ‘create more, consume less’ and that’s what I’m going to do more of.



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