5 Books to Read this Autumn

There’s nothing better during these dark, cold months than curling up in bed with a good book. I’ve been making good progress with the pile of books by my bed and thought I’d write a post with my latest recommendations.

1. Becoming – Michelle Obama

I have just finished this book and it quite honestly blew me away. I never usually pay much attention to American politics but Michelle Obama is someone I’ve quietly admired for a while due to her tenacity and powerful speeches empowering young girls.

Before reading her autobiography, I knew little about Michelle or Barack Obama but this book provides a deep insight into life before, during and after The White House for the family of 4.

Michelle doesn’t shy away from the difficulties she’s faced in life, having been raised in a poor community and fighting for her voice to be heard as a black woman. Throughout the book, she maintains a strong sense of positivity and resilience whilst also opening up about her children and relationship with Barack which makes for a truly inspiring read. I loved it.

2. Daisy Jones & The Six – Taylor Jenkins Reid

I couldn’t put this book down. After hearing great reviews online, I thought I’d give this book a go and I just fell in love with the characters and general vibe.

It follows Daisy Jones who is an up and coming singer. Her producer pairs her with a Rock and Blues band ‘The Six’ and their journey through the music industry begins. The story is told in script form and narrates each characters successes and downfalls in an era of sex and rock and roll.

The story has the vibe and intricacies of Fleetwood Mac and paints a vivid picture of the Rock and Roll lifestyle. I’m so glad I picked this up, it’s enjoyable even if you’re not interested in Rock music.

3. Beside Myself – Ann Morgan

Beside Myself is a thriller about identical twins, Helen and Ellie, who swap places at age 6 as a joke. However, Ellie refuses to swap back and so begins a dark tale of identity and family as Helen struggles to reclaim who she really is.

I absolutely loved this book. It felt incredibly realistic and I found myself really sympathising with Helen. There are many twists and turns which will have you wondering whether the girls will ever reclaim their original identities.

4. How Do You Like Me Now? – Holly Bourne

Something a bit more lighthearted, this book had me laughing out loud and nodding along at how relatable it was. How Do You Like Me Now follows the life of Tori Bailey who is riding the fame of her successful memoir but what people don’t realise is, her life is a lie.

Tori is deeply unhappy and is feeling the pressure of turning 30 as friends are getting married and having children whilst her boyfriend won’t even talk about getting engaged.

The book takes a look at modern relationships and friendships and will have you rooting for Tori the whole way. A great read.

5. Something In The Water – Catherine Steadman

I couldn’t complete this list without a fast paced thriller and Something in the Water is a good one.

The story follows Erin and Mark who are preparing for their wedding. Weeks before the wedding, Mark loses his job and the couple are left wondering how they’ll afford their honeymoon to Bora Bora. With emotions running high and their financial situation uncertain, the couple manage to go on their three week trip but whilst on a boat trip, they discover something in the water that will change their life forever.

It’s a slightly unrealistic and dramatic read but there’s something gripping about the frenetic pace of the novel and the characters’ panic had me racing through this to find out what happened. A good, easy read.

What books have you enjoyed recently?

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