Feeling ‘un-festive’ and Some Thoughts on Politics

There have been a couple of years now where I’ve struggled to feel festive. I know this is because I’m getting older and the magic of Christmas isn’t the same as when I was a kid but this year, I’ve had the most un-festive feeling December on record.

I haven’t watched any Christmas films (all the way through), I haven’t been to a Christmas market (except a quick wander around the Seaford one – which was small and disappointing) and I haven’t been ice skating. All of those things are usually activities I make time for in December.

Apart from the fact that work has been leaving me feeling exhausted by the time the weekend comes and life admin is niggling away in the background, I’ve had enough time to pencil these festive activities in. So why haven’t I?

I suppose I’ve been taking the time to relax at weekends and do some Christmas shopping (which I started in November – go me!) I even sang along to Christmas songs in bars and on the radio in an effort to get in the mood. I’ve been out for Christmas meals and buffets too (the food has got to be the best thing about Christmas!) I know that one of the main reasons for my ‘unfestiveness’ has to be the constant tirade of information about the general election and Brexit.

Never before has there been quite so much doom and gloom around December. I mean, who holds an election in the jollyiest month of the year?! The results saw my Facebook and Twitter feeds fill with angry statuses placing the blame on others for voting Conservative. Outrage, sadness, anger, hate and despair were emotions that I felt coming from every angle that day.

Yes, I could have avoided social media if I wanted to but it felt like a strange day and one which couldn’t be summed up in a matter of words. What startled me the most though was the hate and blame directed at those who voted Conservative. Whether you felt they were the right or the wrong party, slamming others for their vote and saying they’re effectively ‘voting for people to die’ is disgusting and incorrect. Respect other people’s vote and their reasons to do so.

The constant pile of post that was delivered through my door in the run up to the election, although well intended and informative, actually made me more confused about how to vote. Should I believe everything I was reading? Why did it all sound so radical from all parties? Most of it (okay, all of it) ended up in the bin – what a waste of paper shoved through every door in the country. I can’t have been the only one to do this. Aren’t there more effective ways to reach voters like online or on TV?

The confusion, the anger and the black cloud that is Brexit have been looming over our country for some time now so is it any wonder I or anyone else for that matter are not feeling festive?

I’m trying though! I’ve got some nice things planned over the festive break and just can’t wait to relax to be honest. I can’t believe we’ll be moving into a new decade in a matter of weeks. It’s always an exciting time in the run up to a new year and I love the hope and expectation that comes with it (I don’t succumb to the pressure of new year’s resolutions though.)

I’ve got some ideas for content before the year is up so keep your eyes peeled on the blog for some lessons learnt in 2019, my 5 years in a relationship post and some intention setting for 2020!

Here’s to feeling more festive and forgetting about politics for a while!

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