25 Thoughts at 25


I can’t quite believe I’m 25, half way to 50 and mid-way though my 20’s. 5 years ago, if you had told me I would be working from home for the day and pretty content with how life was going, I’m not sure I’d have believed you.

The past couple of years, or the past year come to think of it, something has changed. We always say so much can change in a year and it really can. I don’t really feel any different for being a year older (do we ever?) but my outlook on life and my opinions have strengthened. I’ve become someone who will always stand up for what they believe in, someone who takes risks even if they don’t pay off and someone who has learnt to open up and share their feelings, even if showing how much I care still makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

So today, as I turn 25 I thought I’d share thoughts of life in my mid-twenties, the ups, the downs and the small every day in between’s.

  1. Always trust your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t
  2. If something or someone makes you upset, it’s their prerogative not yours. You aren’t too sensitive, it’s just the way you feel; don’t berate yourself for showing or feeling emotional
  3. You will probably always have a love, hate relationship with exercise. There’s so much pressure on leading a healthy lifestyle but if you don’t enjoy your workout, you won’t do it. Try to mix it up a bit
  4. You will never be a vegan or probably even vegetarian because you enjoy meat too much and that’s okay. Don’t feel guilty for the food you put inside your body, make healthy choices that fulfil you and excite you to cook
  5. Your stomach will decide that certain foods just don’t agree with you anymore and eating anything remotely carby will make you look 6 months pregnant – yay to getting older
  6. You will have ups and downs in your relationship but it’s always worth it
  7. Social media will make you feel like everyone is doing better than you, stop scrolling aimlessly
  8. People will annoy you and make choices that confuse you but don’t read too much into it, everyone is different. Overthink less and free your mind of the constant thoughts about anything and everything
  9. Don’t expect anything from others and you won’t be disappointed
  10. Spending time with friends is so important. There will be those that drift out of your life but cherish those that are in it for the long run
  11. You won’t be able to start the day without a strong cup of tea. Tea is the cure for anything – tough day at work? Tea. Feeling unwell? Tea. A friend wants a chat? Tea.
  12. Try to live in the moment more and stop thinking about what you’ll be doing in a few hours or the next day
  13. Life isn’t about achieving societal milestones such as buying a house or getting married, it’s a journey of self-discovery
  14. Finding your passion in life is difficult but getting a job in it is even more difficult. Don’t ever squash those dreams of working your dream job, you may get lucky one day
  15. You don’t have to be ‘busy’ to be successful – success is in the eye of the beholder much like beauty
  16. Life isn’t meant to be about working yourself into the ground. Take holidays, set boundaries and notice how happiness comes naturally (wise words from Sophie Cliff)
  17. You become a reflector. As someone who loves to write and express myself through blog posts and diary entries, reflecting has become a great way to evaluate where I am in life and what steps I need to take in order to progress and achieve more.
  18. House parties are much more fun (and less expensive) than going out. The best thing is, you can actually hear what people are saying to you rather than trying to lip read and guess (I’m so old)
  19. The saying that hangovers get worse with age is true, avoid them at all costs
  20. You will get used to hearing phrases like: ‘so when are you going to get married?’ or ‘are you going to have children?’ with the latter being something that utterly terrifies you and is something you don’t think you’ll ever feel ready for
  21. Sometimes, the routine of 9-5 feels like it’s stifling you and the urge to pack up and travel for the year with no ties is tempting but then you remember you’d quite like a house and all your savings are going into that… maybe one day!
  22. You think more about having a quiet life rather than living in the city and although you’ve always planned on leaving, maybe your home town would be okay after all. You know for sure that you need to have the sea nearby and that you’re incredibly lucky to call this place home
  23. Life can tread you down and sometimes nothing seems to go right, but good things will happen
  24. Spread positivity and surround yourself with people who feel the same. A gossip between girls is part of having a good group of friends but don’t forget to be nice, even when you’re met with resistance
  25. You will become more confident with age

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