April Update

The slower pace of living last month has become something I’m really beginning to appreciate; that extra hour in bed, no commute to or from work, the ability to do what I want when I want and not feeling guilty if doing what I want is doing nothing at all.  

I’ve had more energy than I’ve ever had and have been feeling more creative which has been exciting. Sadly, that hasn’t included creative writing although I did start this online course and completed a few of the prompts. I have however, been blogging a little more so you can check my latest posts out here and here. As you can see from my most recent post, I’ve read a lot through lockdown and am now on my 7th book since this all began. (I promise I do other things except read!)

I’m currently reading Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo which I am loving. It took me 50 or so pages to really get into this one but once you are familiar with the characters and the lack of punctuation, of which there’s hardly any, I began to love the colourful stories Evaristo paints of women and their hardships.

The book follows 12 British, black women over the course of their lives, detailing their early life, relationships and families. Where each one ends, another story begins and I know they’re all going to tie together somehow. I’ve never read anything like it and even though I can’t relate to black culture and have found myself feeling privileged for my white upbringing, there have also been moments where it feels like the author was in my head. I’m halfway through this at the moment but have a feeling, it won’t be long before I finish it and put a full review on my blog. Would definitely recommend.

Another hobby I have been enjoying in the last month is drawing and scrapbooking. In the slow, lazy evenings after work I’ve been sitting in bed with a cup of tea, chocolate and a blank pad. I’ve managed to complete two drawings and am working on a third. I haven’t drawn anything for a long time aside from a few doodles in mine and Rich’s travel scrapbook so it’s taken a few go’s to get the pictures right but I’m enjoying how peaceful it makes me feel.

For the past week, my evenings have consisted of watching Normal People adapted from the popular book by Sally Rooney. Having read this book a while ago and loving the depth and honesty with which Rooney wrote about relationships, I was excited to hear it was going to be turned into a TV series. I was also slightly worried it might ruin the book (as TV and film adaptations are never quite as good as the book). It couldn’t have been more perfect though. I have tried to hold back from binge watching every episode but have watched 10 out of 12 episodes so far. Would massively recommend although I think reading the book first helps you understand the characters motivations as there’s lots of silent moments that can’t be explained like they were in the book.

Being on lockdown has also meant (like most others I’m sure) that I’ve saved lots of money on petrol, food, clothes and day trips. However, to cheer myself up I have been doing a bit (okay, probably more than a bit) of online shopping.

I bought an oversized sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters. I count this as a necessary purchase since I barely own anything that counts as lounge wear. Most of my jumpers are knitwear so it’s nice to have something that I can just throw on and not worry about ruining. I’ve worn it for about two weeks straight now so well worth the money I think.

I also bought some scrapbooking accessories from Stationary Pal who have some great bits over on their website and a scrapbook from WH Smith.

My favourite purchase has got to be this gorgeous gold plated star sign necklace which I bought from Orelia. I love gold jewellery but only have one gold necklace which is at my boyfriends so obviously I needed a new one.

Lastly, I bought a plain, black t-shirt from New Look and 3 books from World of Books who sell second hand books at discount prices. Definitely check out if you’re looking for your next read.

My social media feeds have been awash some with pretty depressing stories recently but I’ve been turning to Instagram where some of my favourite influencers have been sharing what they’ve been up to in lockdown and just being nice and positive. I’ve been enjoying content from Megan Ellaby, a fashion blogger with a very cute dachshund.  She’s made a range of lovely looking t-shirts as part of her Saturday by Megan Ellaby brand with all proceeds going to the NHS charities. It’s a great idea and I immediately headed over to her website to get one but they sold out of my size in minutes. You can see what I mean here

And now it’s May! It’s been a weird old month but I’m hoping May will be a bit of a turning point. I know not everything will go back to normal but there have been talks of an exit plan so it’s nice to hold onto something positive and think that things will start to change in the future. Here’s to a May of positive change.

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